PROJECT UNABOM (2022). In September 1995, the Washington Post published a 35,000-word anti-technology manifesto written by a mysterious domestic terrorist known as the Unabomber. Seven months later, a team of FBI agents detained a former math professor named Ted Kaczynski outside his tiny off-the-grid cabin in the Montana woods and would soon charge him with perpetrating the UNABOM attacks. How did Kaczynski become the most notorious serial bomber in American history? What was behind his ideas? And why did it take the FBI 18 years to find him? Host, writer, and producer. (Pineapple Street Studios, Apple TV+)


CHAMELEON: SCAM LIKELY (2022) When a team of federal investigators uncovers a rash of scam calls bilking everyday men and women out of thousands of dollars, they launch an investigation to uncover who and what are responsible. Soon, they’re unraveling a multinational conspiracy and targeting the shadowy syndicate behind it. Writer and producer. (Campside Media, Sony Music Entertainment)


SUSPECT (2021). The investigation of a brutal killing at a Halloween party becomes a story of cutting-edge forensic technology, mislaid justice, race and policing, and the irreversible choices that cops and prosecutors make every day in cities and towns across the country. Writer and producer. (Campside Media, Wondery)

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WITNESSED: BORDERLANDS (2021). The tall-but-true West Texas tale of a charismatic outlaw, an iconic small-town sheriff, and the record-setting drug bust that ensnared them both. Writer and producer. (Campside Media, Sony Music Entertainment)

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OVER MY DEAD BODY (2019). A picture-perfect marriage goes badly awry. Murder. Miami. The Maestro. Writer and reporter. (Wondery)

UNDERDOG (2018). On the campaign trail with Beto O’Rourke in the biggest, most expensive Senate race in the history of Texas. Host, writer, and reporter. (Texas Monthly, Pineapple Street Media)

Episode 1
On The Road Again

Episode 2
Red State

Episode 3
The Sleeping Giant

Episode 4
The Final Push

Episode 5
The Caravan and the Blue Wave

Episode 6
36 Hours in El Paso

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