I make podcasts and write magazine articles. I’m the host and co-producer of Project Unabom, an Apple Original Podcast produced by Pineapple Street Studios about Ted Kaczynski and the 18-year manhunt to apprehend him. I’m also a contributing editor at Campside Media, where I’ve written and produced the shows Chameleon: Scam Likely, a deep dive into the takedown of a massive Indian scam-call syndicate, Suspect, an investigation into  2008 murder in the Seattle area and its fallout (named one of the ten best podcasts of 2021 by the New Yorker and Vulture), and Witnessed: Borderlands, a true-life Western on the downfall of a sheriff and an outlaw in one of the largest drug busts in Texas history. In the print world, I’m a writer-at-large at Texas Monthly, where my 2016 cover story on Nobel Prize–winning immunologist Jim Allison won best profile at the National City and Regional Magazine Awards.

Originally from New York City, I live in Austin, Texas.

Email: elbenson [at] gmail [dot] com

Twitter: @elbenson

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